Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Favorite Toys

The picture of Rosie and her favorite toy got me thinking about all our dogs favorites. Each have had very different preferences.

Stanley LOVED racquet balls. Give him a new racquet ball and his big eyes would get even bigger. They were not only something to be chased and brought back to be thrown again, but he figured out if he just rolled on the ball he got a good back rub. One Christmas, we made the mistake of wrapping a small gift in a racquetball can and putting it under the tree. Stanley was sorely disappointed when he opened the can.


Rosie preferred rope bones. We called them her "rah-rah" because when we brought home the first one, she stood at the top of the stairs and shook it like a cheerleader's pom-pom.

Cody loves Booda Velvets. If there's more than one around, he'll hoard them. If the back door is open, that means burying them, and he's pretty good at it. We finally caught him in the act and watched him dig into the very hard San Jose clay soil, place the two bones he was carrying around (oblivious to Mandy following him and us watching), then carefully use his nose to cover them up. And I'll be darned but you could not tell anything was buried there.

Tom makes a pretty good toy, too.

Mandy is a soft sqeaky toys kind of girl, and she has quite a pile of them. Some have stood the test of time, though, including "blue baby" and Cody, her very favorite toy.

Honorable mention goes to Annie, my mom's past dog. Annie liked noisy toys, but mostly she liked toys that weren't hers. When she'd visit, she'd take all Rosie or Mandy's toys and carry them up to bed with her.