Monday, August 27, 2007

Week One with Jake

He's a smart little dog and in a very short time has become part of our family. Jake's first week with us has been a learning experience for us all. And there are still some mysteries.

We learned early on that he's a foody, so it was pretty darn easy to teach him to sit and lay down. Just bring out a Cookie and he's there!

We also learned that a stern voice will cause him to retreat or go into submissive position on his back. So on Friday night when he encountered the skunk in the back yard, instead of coming to Tom when he called (sternley) Jake retreated to the dark reaches of the back yard. The good news is that Mandy and Tootsie with their longer coats did not meet Mr Skunk and we had to douse only one dog with tomato juice. It worked most, but a close encounter of the Jake kind will still yield a light skunky odor.

It's all relative, I guess. When Mandy tried to play with a skunk and the skunk was not so happy about the encounter, we had to ride from Medford to San Jose with a skunky nervous dog, then leave our bags (which were stinky by association) in the garage to air out for two months. It took just as long for Mandy to air out, but she didn't have to stay in the garage.

But I digress...

Here are a few pictures from the week.

More pictures can be seen by clicking on one of the pictures or here.