Saturday, August 11, 2007

A different perspective on LYS

I have to admit that I have not frequented the LYS as much as I would like (or they would like, for that matter). It has much to do with convenience, as much as selections. As with everything, fibers, yarns and colors, and the shops that sell them are a matter of personal taste. How products are merchandised and the people in the shop also affect my decision to frequent any business.

Two shops near me have closed in the past year, while the oldest still survives, in part, I'm guessing because of location. The idea of the neighborhood yarn shop is appealing in theory, but for me, it also has to stock the kinds of products I need or want. At this point in my stash, it's all about finding that something different—in color or fiber, and that's something that many neighborhood shops may not be able to offer because of the cost of maintaining both a storefront and inventory.

So I shop the internet shops as well. Now this doesn't have to mean I don't shop locally. I do. Several LYS offer internet shopping for yarn and accessories. They are taking advantage of what the expanded customer the internet has to offer. It is also a convenience for me since they are not just down my block.

And then there are the internet-only stores that are local. Most recently (okay, yesterday), I ended up at Woolgirl where I found an extensive selection of hand painted yarns in a variety of fibers. Since I'm really trying to minimize stash enhancements, I picked a bunch of yarns with intriguing colors and fibers and narrowed the purchase to a suri alpaca/silk laceweight yarn in a color called "berrijus." I got an email that my shipping cost was reduced because Jennifer was located just across the Willamette River from me in Oregon City. I was caressing this lovely yarn yesterday. I don't know if you can beat this combination for softness.