Monday, August 27, 2007

Mystery solved

The mystery stole has been done for over a week, but with the arrival of Patty's mom, taking her to Tacoma, bringing her back from Tacoma, and getting to know Jake, there have been a lot of picture taking and not-too-much posting. Here is the last installment of this mystery.

Swan Lake
The theme of the stole was revealed after the fourth clue, since the stole was to be asymmetrical which Melanie knew would be embraced by some but not all. Here's an excerpt from her description of the pattern.

The stole begins with the traditional lace pattern “Wings of the Swan” that I used in Leda’s Dream. Only one repeat of the pattern is made before it is split in half and continues up the sides of the point and along the edges of the first two thirds of the stole as a border. The large decorative motif that many of you saw as faces, insects, dragons, and other creatures in is merely a decorative motif with swirls and curls to fill the space. The honeycomb pattern is another pattern used to fill the space and not necessarily symbolizing anything in particular. The following motif that has a floral appearance is the traditional Shetland lace design “Cat’s Paw.” This design is usually worked as a vertical insertion, but I used it as a scattered, all over design in this stole in reference to a particular dance in the Swan Lake ballet. Le Danse des Petits Cygnes or Dance of the Little Swans is one of the most famous parts of the ballet. When Siegfried meets Odette and her maidens, there are several dances by the swan maidens, but this one is done by four dancers, each holding to the next one, moving in unison doing the pas de chat step. Pas de Chat means literally step of the cat, so using the Cat’s Paw lace design seemed natural in this stole. The final third of the stole is a wing. It obviously fits as the swan part of the theme, but the single wing with the more formal first part of the stole also alludes.

Dressing Swan Lake

The point

The wing

The stole