Monday, August 20, 2007

Day One with Jake

Jake has adopted us. He has settled in without missing a beat.

What we've learned about him in the less than 24 hours we've known each other:
1. He's a foody. At the shelter he went right to the treat jar and tried to forage.
2. He's an optimist. Each time we come in the room his eyes are on our hands because there just might be a treat in them.
3. He's a comfort dog. The sofa was his domain on the first exploration break, where after watching for more treats, he settled down to a nap
4. He's definitely a comfort dog. Our bed became his bed, along with at least two of the three dog beds that were formerly Cody's.
5. He's curious. He continues to trot around the house checking things out.
6. He's a good dog. He hasn't gotten into anything, including yarn (very important), trash (well he did poke his nose in one basket, but was busted and suitably remorseful)
7. He likes to be touched. If you stop and he's not done, his little nose and head are under your hand in no time
8. He's cute.


So far Mandy seems to be indifferent. There was a brief moment after Jake grabbed brown baby and ran with it that he and Mandy started to play. It's a start and there's lots of time for playing.

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