Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another week, another FO

Once again, another week has slipped by...

Calliope is done
I did say it was a quick knit but I must admit I was a little compulsive about finishing it. But the really cool thing is how well it fits. The smallest measurement on the pattern was going to be a little too big, so I knit the gauge a stitch smaller et voilà! it fits. The only other adjustment I made to the pattern was to knit smaller armbands than the pattern called for. And I even learned a new (to me) cast on method—Channel Island cast on, since it was the method the author specified.

I found two sites with different methods: Have a Yarn and Countrywool. I preferred the latter, which has you set up like you are doing a long tail cast on.

Clue three (plus) reknit
I was admiring my work on the Mystery Stole and noticed a mistake. There was a discussion on the MS3 yahoo list about living with mistakes and there are times when I will just leave it. This wasn't one of those times. Once I saw it, I decided it was too obvious, so I frogged about 75 rows and did it right. It wasn't too traumatic and it has been reknit. On to the fourth clue.