Monday, August 21, 2006

Trip Report

We are back from our trip to Denver to attend the Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1976 30-Year Reunion.

The Sheltons

We stayed at Hotel Shelton, AKA Mark's parents' house in Aurora. It was a great visit. Edith is a sewist, though "resting" at the moment as she works on a crocheted afghan from stash yarn. Bob is a retired Air Force pilot, who always has some great stories to share. We really enjoyed and appreciated their hospitality.

The Breakfast
Fiberly friend, Patti's 40-year reunion was also on Saturday, in Broomfield, so we planned to meet for breakfast. It was good to see Patti and Norm again, as well as her sister, Val and friend, Shari, whom I had met in Chicago last year. It was a treat to hear about Patti's youthful exploits from others in the "big group." Patti was wearing her lovely lilac top knit from Plantation yarn that had aged in her stash for 10 years.

The Yarn Shop
Only one fiberly stop on this trip, which happened to be less than a mile from Hotel Shelton. Knitting Habitat, in Aurora, is a very inviting yarn shop. My sole purchase (for the entire trip!) was yarn spun and handpainted by Lonesome Stone in Fraser, CO. The colors in this yarn have changed to my eye several times as I look at it in different lights. The smooth yarn is alpaca while the bouclé is mohair, wool and nylon.

The Reunions
Class of '76
I have to admit, I didn't hold out high hopes for the reunion - except for Mark and organizer Lars Walberg, I didn't think I'd know anyone who was attending. However, it did turn out to be an enjoyable evening (despite being crammed, along with the other 80+ classmates, into a 10'x10' space to get our class picture taken). I was surprised at the people who I did remember and who remembered me, though I couldn't tell you or them what class or group we may have had in common. I guess that's to be expected after 30 years.

Dan and Dorie
It has been since the 10 year reunion that Dan and I have really stayed in touch and ten years since we last saw him. Two years ago he and Dorie married and they are now expecting twin boys. We had a wonderful time meeting Dorie and spending a long lunch with Dan, Dorie and Mark on Sunday. Too bad, I forgot my camera, but hopefully the pictures Mark took on his phone will turn out.

Randy sat in front of (or behind) me in Mr. Miles psychology class and we've been friends since. Again, it's been ten years, but we just picked up where we left off at dinner Sunday night.