Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday talk

New shirts
Although I didn't gift Tom with the promise of at least one shirt a month for 2008, I've just continued the tradition. Considering I haven't stopped finding new dog fabrics, it only makes sense that I keep making shirts.

New Machine
Tom was the first to benefit from my new cover stitch machine, which made short work of finishing the sleeves and hems. I have mentioned that I am susceptible to suggestion and the Fiberly friends has been talking about cover stitch machines on and off for a few months. A couple of weeks ago, I succumbed to the power of suggestion and started researching machines. In the end, with feedback from my Fiberly friends, some local sewing guild members and reviewing Debbie's excellent Coverstitch FAQ, we headed to Montavilla Sewing Center, where I opted for the Baby Lock Cover Stitch, to sit along side my Baby Lock serger and sewing machine. I think I am set for machines for a good long while.

New Knitting
Although I haven't posted recently to Ravelry, I have been browsing and among my friends projects, I found the Elderflower skirt by Ruth Sørensen. It intrigued me because I love skirts and it's knit without a gauge swatch, so it was just a matter of picking out some yarn and knitting away. Here's my progress from last week. I'm now on the stockinette portion, and admit to being a bit bored, but it is a good take along project since stockinette doesn't require that I pay attention. The yarn is a sock yarn I picked up when I first started knitting for $1 a ball. Craftmart became Lee Ward's which became Michael's. The yarn has been aging in my stash a really long time.