Saturday, October 14, 2006


The red carpet dress is now a dress.


I ran into an issue with the cruise version of the reunion dress. Interestingly, the pattern envelope for the dress didn't have a real model. Could it be that the designers never really tried to make the dress or perhaps they ran into the same issue I did - the lightweight silk on the bias paired with the not so flowy zipper created a serious right hip bulge. After consulting with the Fiberly Friends, I decided that an alternate closure was in order. So the plan is to close with covered buttons and button loops. However, it may not make it for the cruise only seven days away because 1) the "bloom" has gone off the project at the moment and 2) there are vests and bowties that must be made. It's possible I'll get to it...but I'm not going to get stress out of it when I now have a back up dress.

Back up

I haven't been dress shopping in a very long time. It was quite an experience. I was sorely disappointed in Nordstrom. The selection is minimal, and very, very spendy. So I forged ahead to formerly-Meier & Frank-now-Macy's, where I found not only a good dress department, but a one-day dress sale. So I piled a dozen dresses on my arm and headed to the dressing room. The dress that hands-down was the best fit was really on sale. So end the end I got a $185 silk dress for 70 percent off! The only issue was that quite a lot of the beads had fallen off, but with some silk thread, a small needle, my trusty needle threader (my very favorite notion),the beads and sequins provided, and extra beads from my stash, the dress is now fully beaded.