Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're having a party

Today I celebrate 50 years. Funny it doesn't feel like 50 years (except I have to wear cheaters to read, and color the obnoxious gray hairS...)

It occurred to me just now that this will be the first birthday since I was 20 that I'll spend in the company of my mom. Now THAT's a great gift!

And it's a great excuse for a party, and I invited a lot of dear friends. We'll have a house full of about 25 people, including my good friend Alistair, who gets honorable mention because he's flying up from San Jose.

And Mark (who hasn't seen my mom since our wedding nearly 26 years ago!) is driving down from Seattle.

I'm off to make shortcake for to go with the yummy local strawberries we'll get today.