Thursday, February 21, 2008

Miscalculation - again

I really should know better and should do a better job of 1) calculating how much yarn a project will really take (as opposed to estimating) and 2) making sure I really have as much yarn as I think I do.

I started a shrug from VK Winter 1999/2000 by Giuliano Marelli out of stash yarn I picked up at the Braid Basket before it morphed into Knitting Arts in Saratoga, so it's been around for a while.The fronts and back are knit and I started the sleeves without the wrist "flair" thinking I'd do a 3/4 sleeve and possibly have enough yarn. Alas! it was not to be.


So here I am again, asking the internet community if someone can find a spare ball or two (I think one would do it, actually). The yarn is Katia Ceilan in color 85856.

UPDATE:Yarn found in just one day through KnitSwap Yahoo list!