Friday, November 16, 2007

Too early for Jake

Dogs on Thursday
Technically, it's not Thursday, and I'm still not in a picture processing mood, but Jake provides such a wealth of photo ops, some of which I take advantage of.

Here's how each early morning goes:
1. With the first light of day, Jake wakes up and must think "Oh - morning! Breakfasttime!!"
2. He come charging down the hall to the bonus room or into my office with a very happy puppy face and says "It's Breakfasttime!"
3. We have a moment when he looks like a little comma and I give him a hug till he wiggles out and says "It's Breakfasttime!"
4. I ask if he'd like breakfast and he wags his little tail and says "Yes! Yes! It's Breakfasttime!" and goes charging back down the hall and impatiently waits for me to move the gate so he can go downstairs.
5. I fix his breakfast while he follows me around the kitchen with his tail going a mile a minute.
6. He eats happily, all the time his tail is a-waggin'.
7. He goes out.
8. He goes back to bed.
And breakfast is forgotten till the next morning when the scene repeats itself.

When it's time to get Tom up, Jake is all about sleeping and most mornings it's just too early for him.