Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Done with the geek-stuff...for now

Warning: only a mention of fibers and dogs, otherwise this is, in fact, geek-stuff.

While trying to sort out why Google didn't find all the newer pages with Cody, I read that spiders don't particularly like frames. A lot of people don't like them, including me. But I had discovered an included script in Photoshop that would reduce a folder of images to thumbnail size and put the lot into a web page with - you guessed it - frames.

So after some manual changing of the web pages to put in my colors, backgrounds, etc. I created my own version of a content management system using FileMaker, making it much easier to update TheHudsons site.

But spiders don't like frames, so I had to figure out how to take all 1200 of the pages that are in frames and take them out. And I did. It took some significant data manipulating, several FileMaker databases and days, and learning about CSS, but it's done and I can move on to more fiberly endeavors.

The content most of the pages haven't changed, but the look has. Check it out.